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It’s always great to hear from other Kelly Ripa fans. Share the love on the ODR social media channels.

“Wonderful site. Keeps us fans up to date with Kelly Ripa. Thanks so much!!”

“keep up the great work on this site! i love it! the videos and pics are awesome!!”

“Wow! I’ll say that backwards !woW”

“your site is why i am failing school! haha…i visit for like 5 hours everyday! i LOVE KELLY!!!!!!!!!!”

“I just want to say that you have the best kelly ripa website on the internet. and was wondering if you have any video clips from her show ‘hope & faith’ you could post on the internet. thanx for having the website”

“Your web site is the best. i been looking at pics of her all day at work. Keep up the good work!”
michael r.

“Hi! OMG your website is so cool! I come here every day and look at the same things! LOL! I love your website but you need more videos!”
brooke t.

“great site. I too am a guy that has come under kelly’s spell and think you have done a great job with this site. I am sure kelly would be very flattered if she became aware of the site.”
mike m.

“I reallly like your site, especially the live! pics! Thanks for making such a great site for Kelly fans! I love it!!! :-)”

“I love Kelly! She is the sweetest person. I love to keep updated on what she and her adorable family are up to! Thanks for such an awesome site!!”

“I nominate this site for a Relly!!!!!! Really, this site is great. Thanks again for all you do. I missed the show today, and your recap video was wonderful (as always).”

“HI! This is an AWESOME site! I am also a Kelly fan. I come back every day to see new pictures from Live! Thanks! Keep up the great work and the great site! :)”

“YES RON! I knew I could count on you to see the 2004 VMA promo with Lindsay Lohan! I hadn’t seen it and everyone was saying it was so funny! Wahoo! Ok, thanks so much!”

“Hey! I just wanted to tell you what a great job you do with your site. I really appreciate all the work you put into it to bring us all the great pictures//videos of Kel. Keep up the good work! Also, I was wondering if you could put up the promo they showed on LIVE of Kelly and Lindsay Lohan for the MTV Movie Awards? That’d be so awesome! Thank you so much!”

“thankk youuuuu. lovee your sitee. its the besttt sitee everrrrrrr.”
steve @ epals

“I love your site! Kelly Ripa is the best actress ever. She is so funny. Kelly has it all great jobs, Beautiful kids a very hot husband and probably the best life ever. Yor site is just great but, i’m not sure your her #1 fan. just kidding. But I do love her too.”

“I really love your site…It is the best Kelly site out there!”

“I will keep visiting ODR, it’s a fabulous site! Keep up the great work.

“Thanks so much for having such an AWESOME site and being so dedicated to keeping it up to date. It’s beautifully designed and whenever I need a smile online, I come here. It’s so great to visit a place on the web with such heart.”

“Missed Monday’s show, was looking forward to seeing how it went. If it wasn’t for your pictures, I would have been left hanging. Thanks for a great site and for all of your hard work!”
karen K

“you have the greatest site ever. if it wasnt for you i could never see kelly 24/7.”

“You ARE Genius… ;0)) I just came back from seeing yesterday’s stills…The shots of Kelly’s cheek smooch are priceless… You captured the essence perfectly in just a few frames… “

“I just wanted to say that this site absolutely rules and should win award after award for being the best of the best. Thanks so much!”

“This is an awesome sight!! Thanks so much for providing it for us Kelly fans!! I’m impressed with all the pics you have here! I’d not seen her Are You Ready For Some Football commercial until I came to your site. Again, thanks!!”

“Just thought I’d say hi after perusing your Kelly Ripa site. You don’t do anything half-way do you?”

“OMG without that video that you posted on ODR I would have never seen Pipa on Monday Night Football. Thank you soooo much!”

“Thanks for the video recap. i accidentally put in the wrong channel and missed the episode. Keep up the great site!!!”

“i loved the joe millionaire video. laughed seeing it live and harder here. thanks”

“I love this site and there are so much pictures of my favorite of all time..Kelly Ripa!!! I am so happy to see that there is a bigger fan than me and from the looks of it many more big fans. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work you put to this site.”

“Just want say Thanks and give you a big thumbs up on keeping your Daily Ripa steady as a running stream. I don’t get to the show much and love your choice of material posted in the Daily pick portion of your tribute site. You are doing a bang up job.”

“Kelly Ripa is absolutely the best celeb in the world! She is so funny, so talented, so pretty, and has a great personality! Keep up the great work!”

“FUN site!!! My gosh, there are literally thousands of Kelly Pictures – Neat!”

“what an amazing labor of love this site is! just browsed around a bit and was impressed by the effort. there are many Kelly fans and I have a feeling they will enjoy visiting our daily ripa daily.”

“hey there just wanted to thank you for your great site!! i watch regis & kelly every morning!!! keep up the fantastic work!!”

“Kelly is my role model! She is awesome. Pretty, talented, and smart. I love this site it is perfect for us Kelly fans.”

“I really appreciate this site…it is awesome. Kelly is amazing and I really love seeing all the pictures put up of her! YOU ROCK!!!!”

“Please, keep up the great work with your Kelly ripa photo gallery. She may well be the sexiest woman ever to have walked upon this planet. With her beautiful (even if it isn’t natural) blonde hair and her adorably expressive face, she is, in my opinion, far sexier with all of her clothes on than Pam Anderson, Cindy Crawford or any other so-called sex-symbol today sans their garments.”

“hey thank you soooooo much for providing this site to kelly’s fans!! thanks to you i FINALLY found a picture of her newest do. (NO OTHER SITE HAS IT!!) now tomorrow im going to get my new kelly-do! thanks so much! :)”

“as far as sites go yours rocks the house. yer endless photo after photo of the live wkelly is unbeleiveable! i have almost seem an remember all those episodes. glad to see someone loves her as much or more than i do.”
second biggest ripper………….eric

“hey! I just wanted to say thanks for all the vid-caps that you have of kelly! I come to your site everyday to look, and I again want to say thanks, because you can tell that you spend a lot of time and dedication. it is greatly appreciated!”